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Focus on Innovation

Work Informed®, Inc. provides a better way manage operations, information, and activities with resources that enable an organization to work more intelligently and with all the information needed to successfully accomplish goals. We have created web-based resources that revolutionize the management of operations and costs, yielding a higher level of accountability, accomplishment, and good decisions. Work Informed®, Inc. creates an environment for higher quality organizational information and accuracy that fosters communication and enables information collaboration, and interchange whether staff is co-located or in geographically distant locations.

[image]Insight is a suite of web-based business tools focused on work activity management and activity based costing. Insight's value to you is in increasing your productivity, efficiency, and information accuracy while reducing overall costs and increasing budgetary transparency. Insight increases the effectiveness of managing a dynamic and mobile workforce in a complex business environment.

Insight gives managers snapshot and detailed resources to view workforce activities to ensure that high priority and mission critical actions are accomplished on time and within budget. Insight gives executives, managers, staff, and contractors the tools to work smarter, faster, and at a higher level of productivity and quality. Insight enhances communication and collaboration between individuals and teams.

Beyond our flagship product, Insight, Work Informed, Inc. has 3 separately branded products that Work Informed, Inc. designed, built, supports, and wholly owns and operates:

[image]Running Affair™ organizes fitness, wellness, and training activities and information with personal motivational apps and group program management resources that engage participants to adopt and maintain a more fit and healthy lifestyle. Running Affair includes:
  1. Training, Learning, and Skills Building Platform
  2. Journey Apps
  3. Sales and Registration Platform
  4. Survey and Testing Platform
[image]Adjyle™ is a suite of web-based business tools for more effective and flexible on-line advertising, promotion, marketing, and sales. Adjyle gives our customers more social marketing power with the ability to create and use sharable marketing and promotional social objects, such as a business listing, profile, product catalog, coupons and other offerings, press releases, newsletters, and marketing collateral.

Your Event Sales™, our sales and registration solution provides feature-rich multi-event business resources with the most consumer friendly sales and registration experience than any competitive product on the market. While our platform has the ability to sell virtually any product or service, our primary focus is on supporting events and races, along with fitness, wellness, and training program sales, participant registrations, event branded merchandise sales, and event related donations.

Our sales and registration platform is both a stand-alone product, and, it is optionally integrated with Insight, Running Affair, and Adjyle.

With years of business experience we believe that we have achieved our goal of developing products that:
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Increase budgetary accuracy, transparency, and lead to the opportunity for revenue recovery and enhancement.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Provide simple to use and accurate information management.
  • Make information available securely and in a timely fashion.
  • Act as a communication bridge within and between organizations and people.

Our Vision and Mission

Work Informed, Inc. believes that customers will be well served by a company that provides cost effective and high quality information management tools for business, government, and individuals. These flexible and easy to implement and use tools enable users meet their individual and organizational objectives for work and information management, including detailed cost and expense management.

Work Informed, Inc. provides high quality software and services that enables individuals and organizations to more efficiently manage information content, work activities, and assets yielding reduced operational costs and a higher level of productivity and information accuracy. Our products enable you to work smarter, faster, and more effectively.

Our Quality Statement

Work Informed, Inc. is only successful when our customers are successful. Therefore, we view our products and services as integral to our customers growth and success. We strive to work closely with our customers to ensure that the product is both continually improving and our product road map meets the changing needs of our customers and the marketplace.

Quality Statement
We believe that quality is when our products and services meet the reasonable needs and expectations of our customer.

Continuous Improvement
Software products are never perfect. However, we believe that software products should be continuously improved. We will strive to the best of our ability to produce the highest level of product quality possible.

Focus on Our Customer
Helping our customers achieve success is our reason for being. Therefore, we will work closely, to the extent possible, with our customers to aid in their day-to-day success and to develop products that contain the features that our customers need and want.

High Level of Company Integrity
Work Informed, Inc. will act at all times with the highest level of business integrity. We will work with customers in an open, communicative, and collaborative fashion. We will strive to provide a fair and open business relationship.

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Work Informed®, Inc.
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Ron Franke, CEO and Founder