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Insight's Asset Management

[image]Insight's asset management and work activity resources are comprehensive and easy to use; thereby enabling you to more effectively and efficiently manage your physical assets. With Insight you can easily maintain asset information, preventative maintenance schedules, training information, and maintenance histories. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of asset, material, and human resource maintenance and training costs. Insight's flexible and tailorable asset management tools give you the ability to define your own asset categories and asset types.

Insight's Asset Manager gives you the features and tools to manage your assets, including:
  • Identification and Location information as well as detailed asset description information
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance, including automatic scheduling with tailorable season based scheduling.
  • Incident reporting and tracking.
  • A simple to use asset tree and search facility makes find a specific asset easy.
  • Asset cost reporting tools that accounting for all costs associated with maintaining the asset.
  • Repair and maintenance history for easy verification and evidence of maintenance and inspection activities.
  • Vendor and contractor information.
  • Information articles that enable you to maintain a parts list.
  • Information articles that enable you to create training material, including images and video.
  • On-line storage of asset related documents, files, video, audio, image sets, graphics, and drawings.
Detailed Asset Description, Documentation, and Reporting
Insight gives you the tools your staff, work groups, and contractors need to clearly identify, maintain, and document your asset, and, manage your maintenance activities. Insight's work activity management resources give you simple to use tools to communicate maintenance requirements, goals, and responsibilities; and importantly, to document and verify those activities. Insight's image and document management resources enable you to maintain training and maintenance materials in a single and easy to access location.

Flexible Scheduling and Notification
Preventative maintenance actions, inspections, and training can be automatically scheduled using Insight's flexible and tailorable season based scheduling capabilities.

Detailed Cost Understanding
Insight provides cost analysis tools that directly support your budget planning and cost management objectives. You can identify costs for your assets including maintenance, inspection, and training activities, staff and/or contractor costs, and parts costs.

Customizing Activities for Your Industry
Insight provides flexible utilities that allow you to customize the assets and asset management activities to meet your unique needs and requirements.

With Insight you will gain increased productivity and organizational efficiencies in performing, verifying, reporting, and managing your assets. Insight's inherent attention to usability gives you the tools to quickly gain access to the information you need to manage complex information easily and understandably.