Create Shared Knowledge Resources - Simplifying Workforce Management - San Francisco, CA
Create Shared Knowledge Resources

[image] "Insight's easy information sharing resources ensure that the right people have the right information at the right time."
- Ron Franke, CEO

Information has value. But only if it is current, easily accessible, and secure. Insight simplifies the management of your high value information while dramatically reducing your costs. Insight connects people to information:
  • Provides resources for group collaboration and information sharing.
  • Securely manages internal and external web site content.
  • Manages a sharable library of files, such as: documents, spreadsheets, images, video, and audio.
A major benefit of Insight is to create and share business information and business resources. Information is created, stored, and shared a number of ways using Insight has:
  • Resource management utilities provide operational and cost analysis and reporting tools.
  • A wiki-like editor to create nicely laid out shared material and web content that can become information libraries, articles, eBooks for plans, specifications, user guides, on-line help resources, reference material, and general web site content pages.
  • Storage facilities to store any kind of electronic file, such as: documents, pdf files, images, video, and audio.