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Insight Enhances the Effectiveness of Video Conferencing and Telepresence
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[image]Insight's web-based business management solution is designed to solve the problems inherent in a mobile, dynamic, and global work force.

Insight is the missing piece of video conferencing which is managing the complexity of a dispersed team and ensuring that goals are set and accomplished.

Insight enhances video conferencing and general meeting effectiveness by:
  • Ensuring that pre-meeting items are completed and communicated to participants.
  • Documenting issues, decisions, assignments, and next action dates.
  • Providing a shared repository of information.
  • Providing an effective way to monitor the accomplishment of meeting goals and tracking meeting costs.
The value of video conferencing is to bring participants from various locations together. The basic goals of video conferencing are to:
  • Reduce travel costs.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact.
  • Improve employee work/life balance.
  • Improve employee productivity.
However, video conferencing increases management and team risk because team members are in different locations and often different time zones which can lead to miscommunication, low productivity, and a failure to meet goals. Insight solves management and staff problems inherent in meetings.

Insight resolves the five main management challenges, Insight:
  1. Alleviates a manager's concerns about accountability and effectiveness.
  2. Ensures that mission critical and high priority goals are accomplished.
  3. Ensures that operations are within budgetary goals by providing more accurate and timely resource and cost information that paint a clear picture about operations and expenses.
  4. Facilitates staff communication and collaboration with simple to use tools that are always available and fast.
  5. Ensures shared information is secure and easily available.
Insight solves common video conferencing and general meeting related problems before the meeting, during the meeting, and after the meeting.

Pre-meeting Problems Solved by Insight
The pre-meeting phase, if done correctly, establishes the basis for a successful meeting. Insight ensures that pre-meeting activities are assigned and their accomplishment monitored, such as setting the agenda and the meeting goals. Insight then provides the resources to create meeting material and provide a repository for shared resources, such as notes, documents, images, audio, video, and graphics. Insight then provides resources to provide meeting information to participants.

Meeting Problems Solved by Insight
The purpose of a meeting is to discuss the topic of interest and then to come up with some collective action. With Insight issues and decisions are documented and assignments made. These assignments contain all the information needed to understand the purpose of the assignment and to accomplish the assignment, including due dates and other key factors.

Post-meeting Problems Solved by Insight
More important than the meeting itself is the post meeting phase - accomplishing the goals set by the meeting. Insight is the management tool to monitor progress on action items ensuring that action items are accomplished. It is the tool to help identify and mediate risks that impact the achievement of goals. And, Insight is the tool to ensure activities are on schedule and within budget.

Insight removes the problem of managing a complex and dynamic workforce, especially when that work force interacts from a variety of locals and geographic time zones. Insight is the only web-based business resource that provides an effective solution that simplifies the management of activities and projects in a complex and fluid business environment.

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