Insight Human Resource Management - Workforce and Sales Lead Management - Silicon Valley, CA
Insight Improves Human Resource Activity Related Information Management

[image]Insight solves many of the problems encountered by HR departments and managers. Many in business today struggle with the problem of managing a complex and dynamic workforce where staff and contractors telecommute and need to interact from a variety of locals and geographic time zones. Insight is the only web-based business resource that provides an effective solution that simplifies the management of a dynamic workforce and a complex business environment.

Insight solves the problems of human resource management, alleviates the concerns of managers, and supports individual staff members. Insight:
  1. Simplifies the management of staff in geographically diverse locations, especially across several time zones.
  2. Simplifies periodic and annual staff reviews.
  3. Ensures that promotions, raises, and bonuses are tied to accomplishments.
  4. Documents and provides a history of staff work accomplishment and performance results.
  5. Provides a methodology to define specific performance improvement goals and measures accomplishment.
  6. Provides the history and documentation when needed for staff and contractor related legal actions relative to work activities.
  7. Ensures that tasks are well defined and documented.
  8. Facilitates work related communication.
  9. Simplifies the creation and management of human resources department policy documentation and training material.
  10. Increases the efficiency and effectiveness of managers.
  11. Simplifies the tracking of high priority and mission critical activities.
  12. Presents executive dashboard work related snapshots and comprehensive reporting facilities.
  13. Provides instant and comprehensive reporting of activity-based costs.
  14. Ensures that off-site and at-home employees and contractors are working on assigned tasks.
  15. Provides resources to easily manage contractors and work related deliverables.
  16. Enhances staff and team collaboration and information interchange.
  17. Ensures that staff attend training, safety, and other critical courses as well as participatory and skill building programs.
  18. Provides an effective methodology for quality process management such as for TQM and ISO 9001 type processes.
  19. Is the common repository for work related business information.
  20. Connects a mobile and dynamic workforce to must have business information.
  21. Enables staff and management access to work related information using any web connected device from desktop to smart phone.
  22. Provides safe and secure access to work related information.