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Insight Simplifies Managing a Mobile and Dynamic Workforce

Insight solves the management problems that keep you up at night. Ensuring that mission critical actions are accomplished is how your business survives and grows. Insight is a suite of business management tools that give you the certainty that your essential business operations, high priority activities, and operational commitments are assigned and accomplished. Insight:

  1. Manages and monitors mission critical business actions to ensure you achieve the results required to grow your company.
  2. Ensures that security, safety, quality control, inspection, and preventative maintenance activities are accomplished as required.
  3. Tracks operational commitments so that your organizational elements meet their business plan objectives.
Insight simplifies managing work, communicating work requirements and status, and understanding activity based costing.

Insight - the Next Step in Business Productivity
  1. Simplifies the management of a mobile and dynamic work force in a complex, global, and fast changing business environment ensuring that mission critical and high priority activities are accomplished.
  2. Alleviates a manager's concerns about accountability and effectiveness with tools to easily manage and monitor activities and projects, manage risk, and control costs.
  3. Provides the communication, collaboration, and shared information resources needed to be successful at work.

Insight's value to you is in increasing your productivity, efficiency, and information accuracy while reducing overall management and operational costs and increasing budgetary transparency. Insight increases the effectiveness of managing and working in a dynamic, mobile, and complex business environment.

Insight gives managers resources to view snapshot and detailed workforce activities to ensure that high priority and mission critical actions are accomplished on time and within budget. Insight gives executives, managers, staff, and contractors the tools to work smarter, faster, and at a higher level of productivity and quality. Insight enhances communication and collaboration between individuals and teams.

Insight helps you achieve your work activity and project objectives, cost efficiencies, and overall productivity goals for your mission critical objectives. Insight provides tangible benefits for all of your departments and work activities. Using Insight will:
  • Provide budgetary transparency in work and project activity cost management.
  • Increase budgetary accuracy and efficiency.
  • Reduce the cost of managing work and project activities.
  • Enables managers to manage larger numbers of staff more effectively.
  • Increase overall group productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.
  • Increase repeatability in work outcomes and resultant quality.
  • Reduce management risks with increased visibility into work activities and projects.
  • Increase information accuracy and availability.
  • Improve work related communication.
  • Simplify periodic and annual staff reviews.
  • Ensure that promotions, raises, and bonuses are tied to accomplishments.
Manage Your Team, Work, and Sales Pipeline with
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Insight, as a business productivity resource, emphasizes simplicity, usability, and speed, while presenting an elegant user experience. It provides safe and secure access to activity and shared business information any time from any where using any web enabled device. Insight provides real business flexibility because using Insight does not require any software to be installed on user devices.

Insight can be rapidly adopted and deployed. The cost structure is designed to minimize risk and quickly lead to a high ROI. It enables an organization to easily and inexpensively implement a pilot program and then to scale the implementation to the size needed to meet operational needs and goals.