Insight Managing Mission Critical Activities - Enhanced Workforce Communication - Santa Clara, CA
Insight's Management of Mission Critical, High Risk, and Priority Activities

[image] "For a business to survive it must accomplish its mission critical goals. Whether these goals are in product development, marketing, quality control, sales, or operational effectiveness, the survivability of any company depends on tasks that accomplish these goals being assigned and completed on time."
- Ron Franke, CEO Work Informed®, Inc.
Insight's work activity and work flow management, and, executive reporting tools enable you to identify, assign, and monitor mission critical tasks that must be accomplished. Often these tasks are large in scope, requiring the combined efforts of numerous staff members and departments. Examples include a major feature addition to an existing product, a new product, a sales push into a new industry, and a marketing campaign supporting the prior examples. Insight:
  • Gives executives, managers, and staff contributors an effective and flexible set of resources to manage the accomplishment of high value goals.
  • Provides tools that make it easily to monitor and communicate task status, issues, risks, and achievement.
  • Has resources to collaborate and share crucial information needed to accomplish the goal.
  • Provides a common base of information for geographically diverse teams and contributors.
  • Enables you to understand the full cost of achieving a mission critical goal.
  • Gives you the information needed for goal planning and future cost modeling.
  • Gives you quick access status and reporting tools available across web-enabled devices.
Insight facilitates your accomplishing your mission critical goals and gives you resources to effectively respond to changing circumstances, risks, and outside factors.

Monitor High Risk and Priority Items

"Perhaps the most important job as a manager is managing and reducing risk. In business risk comes in many ways. The biggest risk is in not accomplishing what needs to be done when it needs to be done. With Insight you can identify high priority and high risk items and track their status at any given time."
- Ron Franke, CEO Work Informed®, Inc.
Insight's work activity tools enable you to identify tasks that have a high priority and tasks where negative organizational or operational consequences will arise if not accomplished correctly and on time. Managers must not only track these tasks but need to be able to know when issues arise and when help is needed.

Insight gives managers the tools they need to easily monitor and communicate task status, issues, risks, and achievement. A major value with Insight is your ability to get the current state of your high priority and high risk tasks any time from anywhere using your smart phone or any web enabled device.