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Insight's Support of Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

[image]Insight supports regulatory compliance and reporting requirements in situations where some specific action needs to be taken and verification of that action needs to be reported. Insight's advantage is in it's flexibility in establishing a methodology that meets the unique needs of your compliance and reporting program. Examples include:
  • Execution of business operations for Sarbanes-Oxley reporting1
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Security, safety, and inspection activities
  • Quality control monitoring and measurement
  • Human resource management and training
  • Environmental controls

Insight's work activity management and work flow resources are easily tailored to fit your operational and management style and goals. With Insight, you can easily manage your compliance activities, gain the benefit of a repository of compliance records, report on past, current, and future activities, and, understand the costs associated with compliance activities. Insight ensures that you operations are transparent and accountable.

Insight supports compliance activities with four primary components:
  • Compliance activity management, scheduling, communication, documentation, and verification
  • Compliance monitoring and checklists
  • Compliance activity cost analysis
  • Compliance activity reporting

Compliance activities are regularly occurring activities often on a defined periodic schedule. Compliance activities include the following information:
  • Identification of the activities to be done, specifications, notes, and acceptance criteria.
  • Assignment of the activity to either staff or contractors.
  • Accounting for all costs associated with compliance.
  • Information articles that enable you to create compliance check lists.
  • Information articles that enable you to create training material, including images and video.
  • Optional attached documents, files, video, audio, image sets, graphics, and drawings.

1 For additional information on Insight's support of the Sarbanes-Oxley reporting requirements please see Insight and SOX .