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Insight Sales and Registration Platform

[image] "Our sales and registration solution provides feature-rich multi-event business resources with the most consumer friendly sales and registration experience than any competitive product on the market. While our platform has the ability to sell virtually any product or service, our primary focus is on supporting events and races, along with fitness, wellness, and training program sales, participant registrations, event branded merchandise sales, and event related donations.

Our sales and registration platform is both a stand-alone product, and, it is optionally integrated with Insight and the Survey and Testing Platform."
- Ron Franke, CEO Work Informed®, Inc.

Sales and Registration Platform Features

The platform includes the following features:
  • Product and Sales Management
  • Race and Event Management Support
  • Sales Shopping Pages and Catalog Layout Creator
  • Sales Transaction and Refund Processing
  • Event Registration Processing
  • Purchase Transaction Reporting, General Sales and Statistics Reporting, and Demographics
  • Registration Reporting and Data Exporting
  • Charitable Organization Support
  • Event Sponsor Support and Virtual SWAG Bag
  • Product and Sales Marketing Support

Products and Services

There are five broad categories of products:
  1. Registration Products - products that include a registration as part of a sales process.
  2. Apparel Products - products that include a choice of one or more sizes.
  3. Merchandise Products - products that do not require a registration or size selection.
  4. Donation Products - products that are a donation to charitable organizations.
  5. Service Products - products that provide some service offering not involved with a registration.

Basic Sales Features

Running Affair provides secure and easy to use and consumer friendly on-line sales, registration, and product management resources to promote and sell your events, races, fitness, wellness, and training programs, as well as to sell other merchandise, such as event branded products and gear. Our value:
  • Sell your event, race, and fitness, wellness, and training program products.
  • Sell event branded merchandise, gear, and other general merchandise.
  • Shopping pages are branded with your business or event information and logo.
  • Unique shopping page and catalog URL's specific to your business.
  • Business and event focused reporting tools provide event, accounting, and business and consumer information.
  • Easy event, race, fitness, wellness, and training program setup for sales supporting information.
  • Integrated with our event, racing, fitness, wellness, and training program management facilities.
  • Unlimited number of events and participants.
  • Sell multiple items, multiple registrations, and multiple event participants with a single transaction.
  • Register multiple participants with a single transaction.
  • Set a sales limit for a product by identifying a maximum sales or participant count.
  • Automatically closes sales for a product with a sales limit when that limit is reached.
  • Automatically sends sales and registration confirmation emails.
  • Create product discount codes for promotional offerings.
  • Flexible discount code handling including refunding for a non-applied code for a transaction.
  • Create a donation only product.
  • Donate an additional amount above the purchase price for charitable events as part of a registration.
  • Information privacy for your business and your consumers.

Sales Display Options

Our shopping pages and catalogs are branded with your logo, business, and contact information and designed to be used within their consumer environment such as on their web site, social media, and sent to their consumers including links to the shopping pages and catalogs. Our configuration option values include:
  • Flexible web-based sales "Shopping Pages" with options to sell a single item or multiple items, each allowing multiple quantities to be purchased.
  • Shopping page URL's specific to your products that can be displayed on your business pages, emailed to your customers, and presented on your social media sites.
  • Optionally display product graphics and descriptions, "More Info" marketing pages, "Sponsor Info", and "Charitable Organization Info".
  • Optionally display event info, such as event schedules, race schedules, and course maps.
  • Product sets to sell multiple events and products on a shopping page.
  • Product passports to sell a fixed number of events, such as a race series, and allow event choices, such as race distance.
  • Registration Family Pack to sell a fixed number of events under a single price.
  • A sales catalog listing some or all of your available products.
  • A calendar for recurring event products so that a consumer can choose the event participation date.

Registration Products

With our focus on event sales, which usually includes consumer registration for the event, we offer five categories of registration related products:
  1. Simple Events, such as a seminar.
  2. Races, including triathlons.
  3. Fitness, Wellness, and Training Programs, such as for half marathon training.
  4. Activity Programs, such as an educational series.
  5. Recurring Events, such as a regularly scheduled tour where the consumer chooses the event date and time from a calendar of event options.

Products that are a race, and include a race registration are integrated with our Race Management support. Products that are fitness, wellness, and training programs and other events are integrated with our Training, Learning, and Skills Building Platform for fitness, wellness, and sports-specific training.

Registration Features

Our registration support includes all of the industry standard registration features and some unique features not provided by others. Our registration process is designed to be quick and easy for a consumer to use. Some of our unique value includes:
  • Registration pages are branded with our customer's logo, business name, and contact information.
  • Register as "Yourself" or as "Someone Else".
  • Register multiple participants at the same time.
  • Register for multiple events at the same time.
  • Register multiple participants and multiple registration products on a single transaction.
  • Support passport registrations, such as a race series, and support selection of passport options and variable pricing based on selected options.
  • Support product pack registrations, such as a family pack.
  • Identify maximum registrations and automatically close the purchase option when reached.
  • Display a waiver that requires a check mark acceptance in order to complete the registration.
  • Display a code of conduct that requires a check mark acceptance in order to complete the registration.
  • Support different event giveaway items, such as a hat, shirt, jacket, and more.
  • Ask for an event giveaway size selection during registration, such as a shirt gender and size.
  • Ask for emergency contact information.
  • Ask an event question during registration, and, optionally require an answer.
  • Team registration (create and join teams).
  • Donate additional funds to the event cause.
  • Registration does not require a purchase for a free product or an applied 100% discount code.
  • For race related registrations, assign bib numbers during registration.
  • Registration reporting tools with numerous reporting options, including demographics.
  • Automatic email of the registration receipt and status to the consumer.
  • Export registration data for applications such as marketing packages and race timing systems.

Sales and Purchase Reporting

Purchase transaction reports support summary and detailed sales transaction information. This can be for all sales over a specified date range, and for variations, such as sales for a product category, specific product, and consumer. Reports can present information such as sales numbers and percentages for associated discount codes, sales demographics, and sales volume graphing.

Charitable Organization Support

Donation products and some events are sold to raise money for a charitable organization. In support of these products, there are options to provide information about that charitable organization as part of the sales and registration process. This includes the charity info and marketing material, information about deductibility, and links to that organization.

Event Sponsor Support and Virtual SWAG Bag

Some events, such as a race, often have sponsors of that event. There are several resources to support sponsors and to highlight their business or organization including marketing material and sponsor information pages that can be associated with the sales process. Optionally provide a virtual SWAG Bag, where a sponsor can make some offering, such as a discount coupon.

A Key Participant Distinction and Value

We are unique in our ability to sell on a single transaction multiple events, multiple registrations, for multiple event participants, including merchandise sales and donations. This gives us the ability to complete a sales and registration purchase faster than any other event sales and registration provider.

We provide the most consumer friendly solution on the market. We achieve this by:
  • Making the sales and registration process faster to complete.
  • Our ability to sell on a single transaction multiple events, multiple registrations, for multiple participants, including merchandise sales and donations.
  • Pre-populating registration field information for returning customers.
  • Providing an ad-free shopping experience.
  • We do not allow any option to include non-shopping related advertisements and offerings as part of the sales process.
  • We do not send any follow-up ad offerings to the consumer.