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Insight Survey and Testing Platform

[image] "Our Survey and Testing Platform is an easy way to create and distribute surveys and tests. It includes a survey and test question creator and a survey and test player. Survey question formats include: Likert Scale, Multiple Choice, Number Scale, and Free Form questions. Surveys and tests can be associated with the wider organization, and various objects, such as Teams, Sites, Projects, Assets, and Customers, to name a few."
- Ron Franke, CEO Work Informed®, Inc.

Survey and Testing Platform Features

The platform includes the following features:
  • Survey and Test Question Editor
  • Survey and Testing Manager
  • Survey and Testing Player
  • Test Scoring
  • Survey and Testing Reports
Survey and Testing Question Options

Likert Scale - used to measure attitudes or opinions on some topic. Commonly have 2 to 5 choice options, such as "Yes, No" and "Strongly Agree, Agree, Undecided, Disagree, and Strongly Disagree".

Semantic Differential/Number Scale - used to rate the answer on a number scale, such as 1 to 5, with 5 being the best value.

Multiple Choice - used to provide predefined options as answers to the question.

Dichotomous - simple two choice answer, such as Yes/No and True/False. It is an option in the Likert Scale.

Open Ended - used to allow the participant to free form an answer, such as "how can this be improved?".

Likert Scale Question Categories

  • Agreement - e.g. Strongly Agree, Agree, Undecided, Disagree, Strongly Disagree
  • Dichotomous - e.g. Yes, No
  • Frequency - e.g. Always, Often, Sometimes, Almost Never, Never
  • Helpful - e.g. Extremely Helpful, Very Helpful, Somewhat Helpful, Not so Helpful, Not at all Helpful
  • Importance - e.g. Very Important, Important, Moderately Important, Of Little Importance, Unimportant
  • Liklihood - e.g. Almost Always True, Usually True, Occasionally True, Usually Not True, Almost Never True
  • Quality - e.g. Excellent, Above Average, Average, Below Average, Very Poor
  • Satisfaction - e.g. Very Satisfied, Somewhat Satisfied, Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied, Somewhat Dissatisfied, Very Dissatisfied
  • Value - e.g. High, Moderate, Neutral, Low, None