Location Specific Work - Coordinating A Distributed Workforce - Santa Cruz, CA
Location Specific Work

The Site Manager provides an easy way to identify a location where work is performed, such as a city park or some job site. Insight provides two primary benefits in this facility, first, a simple way to manage work at a specific location, such as maintaining a city park, and second, an easy way to understand and manage the costs of supporting that location.

[image] What's good about this:
  • Quick and easy way to track work at various locations.
  • Integrated with work activity facilities.
  • Associate images, files, and articles with the location.
  • Allows you to define your location categories and types.
Things you can do:
  • Create a work assignment specific to the site.
  • Create regularly scheduled activities.
  • Associate non-work related expenses with the site, such as insurance.
  • Get asset specific reports, such as work activity and cost reports.
  • Get directions and a map to the site location.