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Insight's Performance Monitoring and Transformation

[image]Can you ask the question "How are we doing?" and get an accurate answer? Most organizations can't. Can you systematically assess performance, quality, and efficiency? Most organizations don't have the tools necessary to effectively and systematically assess the state of their organization.

Insight is your transformation agent. It is the tool you need to be more effective and proactive in managing your organization. Insight can be tailored for the needs of different departments to establish group and individual best practices that yield a higher level of operational productivity and quality. Further, the use of Insight will reduce your operational costs, enable you to recover revenue, and increase new revenue opportunities. Insight will transform your organization from a reactive to a proactive organization. Insight is the transformation agent that gives you the tools and performance monitoring capabilities to increase operational efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. The net result will transform your organization into a more productive and higher quality service and/or product supplier. Equally important, the use of Insight will reduce operational costs, recover revenue, and, where applicable, increase revenue opportunities.

Insight is not just a cost management tool for activity and asset management, but a tool that will enable you to institute a solid management methodology by establishing best practices and operational processes and patterns that will yield predictable and repeatable results.

An organization can only assess its operational state through well defined performance measures that can be compared to a relevant peg, or benchmark. But, monitoring and measuring performance can only be done with an effective management tool. Insight is your management tool. In general, there are four categories of performance measures, they are: workload, efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.

Workload Measures
At the heart of Insight is a powerful cost accounting engine for work activity and asset management. This simple to use tool gives you the ability to: measure individual and group activities, including assets and job sites; establish best practices and processes; ensure mission critical objectives are met; and measure activity based costs. Insight's flexibility enables all departments and facets of your organization to effectively use the product and gain the benefits of performance measurement and performance improvement.

Efficiency Measures
Insight gives you the ability to understand the relationship between work performed and the resources required to perform it. For example, using the workload measures you will gain more accurate Unit Costs, that is, the total costs of the Unit (or service) based on the average resource costs to provide that unit.

Effectiveness Measures
With Insight's ability to measure workload and efficiency, you will be able to assess the effectiveness of your operational activities.
Productivity Measures
Using Insight gives you the ability to measure real productivity because you have all of the costs and all of the activities that make up a unit of goods or services. In most organizations, productivity is a gross metric that is a highly inaccurate measure that hides the actual productivity. Insight gives you operational accuracy so that you can not only understand the productivity of the organization as a whole, but can measure sub-level productivity, such as at the department, work group, and individual.

Insight - Your Performance Improvement methodology

What's the value of performance improvement?
Improving operational performance ensures that services are provided efficiently, effectively, at high quality, and at minimum cost. Continuous performance improvements will reduce operational costs, free resources for other activities, and enable you to achieve your operational objectives.

Insight is your management tool to establish best practices for your operation that yield performance improvements. Insight's management tools moves your organization along the road to continuous process improvement. Process and performance improvement is an ongoing activity in proactive organizations. However, most organizations have no formally defined management methodology, processes, or operational patterns; have no integrated operational management tools; and tend to be reactive to operational activities, consumer needs, and situational risks.

The adoption of Insight will give you the tools you need to establish an operational methodology, best practices, and performance measures. This will yield a proactive organization with operational accountability, visibility, and transparency. Your productivity will improve, risks will be reduced, operational objectives attained, quality improved, and costs reduced.