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Insight's Preventative Maintenance and Inspection

[image]Insight's work activity management and work flow resources are a comprehensive and easy to use preventative maintenance and inspection tool. With Insight, you can easily manage your mission critical inspections and maintenance activities, gain the benefit of a repository of inspection and maintenance records, report on past, current, and future activities, and, understand the costs associated with maintenance and inspection activities.
Preventative maintenance in Insight has is four primary components:
  • Preventative maintenance management, scheduling, communication, documentation, and verification
  • Preventative maintenance inspections and inspection checklist
  • Preventative maintenance cost analysis
  • Preventative maintenance reporting

Preventative maintenance is a regularly occurring activity including inspections and when necessary parts replacement and maintenance. A preventative maintenance activity can be either a single task or a set of tasks. Insight's flexible and information rich inspection and maintenance activity profile provides you all the information you need to ensure that inspections are well defined, completed, documented, and verified. A preventative maintenance activity includes the following information:
  • Identification of the work to be done, specifications, notes, and acceptance criteria.
  • Location of the asset.
  • Required tools and equipment.
  • Required spare parts.
  • Assignment of the preventative maintenance activity or inspection to either your own staff or that of contractors.
  • Accounting for all costs associated with maintaining the asset.
  • Information articles that enable you to create inspection check lists.
  • Information articles that enable you to create training material, including images and video.
  • Optional attached documents, files, video, audio, image sets, graphics, and drawings.
Clear Communication of the Assignment and Expectations
Insight gives you the tools your staff, work groups, and contractors need to clearly communicate the preventative maintenance and inspection activity, requirements, goals, and responsibilities, and importantly, to document and verify those preventative maintenance and inspection activities. With Insight, you have a single source of the most accurate information which is useful for geographically diverse work teams, and, including contractors and suppliers.

Flexible Scheduling and Notification
Preventative maintenance and inspections can be associated with an asset, a job site, and your organization itself. Insight provides several types of schedules and provides the ability to define schedules based on a criteria, such as season. E-mail notices can be automatically generated when an individual is assigned to the activity or when the assignment has changed.

Detailed Cost Understanding
A primary benefit of Insight is the ability to create cost, resource, and material reports with cost analysis tools that directly support your budget planning and cost management objectives. Insight's job cost management facilities enable you to identify projected and actual costs down to the individual work activity category. You can identify preventative maintenance and inspection costs for your organization as a whole, assets, job sites, work areas within a site, work categories, work activity types, and individuals.
Customizing Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Activities for Your Industry
WIN Insight provides flexible utilities that allow you to customize your work activities to meet your unique maintenance and inspection needs and requirements. You can create templates for maintenance and inspection activities. The definition and categorization of your assets can be tailored to meet your operational needs. You can tailor job site schedules and activities based on your site maintenance needs and associated work activities. And, you can tailor your the terminology for your work activities, maintenance, and inspections that fit the way you and your industry talk about and describe work.