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Insight's Sales Lead Management

[image]How do you know what you're spending to acquire customers and then to keep and support them?

Being profitable is not simply acquiring customers. Profitability is keeping your current customers and targeting the most beneficial new customers. Good sales lead management enables you to fully understand your cost of acquisition and support so that you can determine the most lucrative allocation of your sales and organizational resources.

Insight's Sales Lead Management facility gives you the tools you need to manage sales leads, track the cost of acquiring your customers, and track the cost of supporting those customers once you have them. With Insight, you have a easy to use sales force support resource that gives sales managers and representatives fast access to the data they need to be successful.

Sales managers and executives gain the benefit of sales pipeline visibility and analysis and an easy way to manage sales force activity. Further, only with Insight will you be able to better manage sales leads and activities, and, be able to monitor your costs of acquiring specific customers so that you can better judge the potential profitability of that customer and perhaps provide a more accurate proposal. Once acquired, you will be able to monitor the cost of supporting that customer.

Sales representatives gain the benefit of fast access to the information that they need to focus on to move the sales process forward. Insight's Sales Lead Manager provides simple prospect organization and contact management, flexible sales lead list management, and reporting.

Marketing managers and marketing staff gain the benefit of Insight's work flow facilities to better and more simply manage marketing activities and related costs. You will be able to more easily and effectively manage marketing events such as customer and sales events, trade shows, advertising campaigns, and product release management, to name a few.

Insight's Sales Lead Manager Benefits:
  • Focus on ease of use and usability with quick access to information and priority focused presentations.
  • Simple lead capture, assignment, and management.
  • Sales team views for better pipeline management and visibility.
  • Robust prospect and contact management.
  • Track the cost of acquiring specific customers.
  • Track the cost of supporting existing customers.
  • Easy management and cost analysis of marketing activities, such as trade shows and advertising campaigns.
  • Email prospecting and ability to attach documents from a master document repository.
  • Security controls
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