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Simplify Web Content Management

[image] "Insight simplifies the creation and updating of internal and external web content, and shared resources such as eBooks."
- Ron Franke, CEO

Insight is uniquely able to solve many of your web site content problems:
  • Simple to implement and easy to use.
  • Substantially reduces your web site content management costs.
  • It will increase the currency, accuracy, and completeness of your web content.
Insight's web text editor is a fast and simple way to create web content for your internal and external web site; and, create articles and eBooks for sharing of information. The web text editor is integrated with other Insight features and therefore your articles can contain items that you store on Insight, including files, images, video, and audio. A very useful feature is the ability to group articles into an eBook, giving you a powerful way to create manuals, user guides, and presentations. The following are examples of Insight's powerful web content and information sharing capabilities:
  • The web site content (such as this page) is created via the Insight web editor.
  • The Insight user guides are eBooks created via the Insight web editor.
Insight solves the following problems:
  • Information changes periodically and must be updated but managing content is difficult.
  • Information must be current, accurate, and complete but resources are limited to manage and update content.
  • Current web site is expensive to update.
  • Supporting resources are busy or not easily available and can't get to all the content changes in a timely fashion.
  • Information must be reviewed before publication but the review cycle takes too long.
  • No easy way to integrate and access shared files.
Insight provides significant benefits for your internal and external web sites:
  • Is intended to augment your web site and does not replace your entire site and therefore does not require a web site redesign. Except for a small number of web site changes to support Insight generated content, your web master can be freed from content delivery.
  • Incrementally roll out web content and therefore you do not have to worry about a big bang change to your web site.
  • Content responsibility can be easily distributed to the actual information owner. Because it is as easy to use as a word processor, information content can be managed by all skill levels. The use of Insight for web content management requires only a modest understanding of web technology and HTML which is provided in Insight user guides and presentations.