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Simplify Workforce Management

[image] "In our dynamic and fast paced world, simplifying a manager's task of assigning work and assuring accomplishment is essential. Insight provides easy to adopt and use work management resources."
- Ron Franke, CEO Work Informed®, Inc.

Insight's work assignments can be as simple or as detailed as your work activities need. In addition to the assigned staff, work assignments can be associated with an asset, job site, organization, work flow, or sales lead.

Insight's flexible work assignments give you the option of including detailed task information, special instructions, notes, sets of images and diagrams that illustrate a task issue, material used to accomplish the task, equipment required, staff, schedule, time frame, and various cost factors. This gives you the opportunity to create detailed work status reports, dynamic schedules and calendars of events, and expenses.

Gain confidence and management flexibility by using Insight's Work Activity Manager and Information Manager to:
  • Ensure mission critical activities are assigned and accomplished.
  • Monitor staff commitments and issues.
  • Simplify scheduling, assignment, and monitoring of work activities.
  • Control work related costs and project future expenses.
  • Communicate shared work related information.
  • Increase staff accountability and the ability to accomplish their goals
  • Gain operational transparency of resources, costs, status, and issues.
  • Enhance operational productivity, quality, and timeliness.
  • Establish a foundation for effective group management, communication, setting priorities, and reporting.
  • Foster improved information interchange and collaboration.
  • Easily manage dynamic, mobile, and geographically diverse work forces.
  • Simplify scheduling of high priority activities and complex task schedules.
  • Increase information sharing of files, images, video, audio, and web-based content.
For recurring tasks, Insight provides the ability to define task schedules based on various criteria and then automatically create all scheduled tasks for a given time frame. E-mail notices can be automatically generated when an individual is assigned a new task or when a task assignment has changed. Individual work assignments, for non-recurring tasks, can be created, assigned to specific individuals and work groups.