Staff Time And Expenses - Coordinating A Distributed Workforce - Silicon Valley, CA
Staff Time Accounting and Expense Budget Sourcing

[image]One major benefit in Insight's work activity management facilities is the ability to understand all the costs associated with work activities. Insight's unique implementation of work activity management gives you unparalleled flexibility in defining categories or work and expensing options.

Using Insight, you will more easily and accurately:
  • Schedule and manage staff activities.
  • Account for staff expenses.
  • Account for specific expense budget sources, such as budgetary line items, projects, funding sources, and grants.

Insight's expense management gives you true budgetary accuracy and transparency in your work related expense management because Insight is the only solution that captures all of the expenses that go into accomplishing work. While naturally capturing staff expenses, Insight can capture any imaginable expense, such as: inventory expenses, purchases, mileage, transportation, travel, per diem, and so on.

Time Management
Insight is an easy to use tool to manage individual and group activities. While in a sense it is a more feature rich day planner, it's benefit is in giving you much more powerful facilities to assign and manage tasks, understand all costs that go into tasks, and ensure that mission critical activities are accomplished. Being web based, Insight gives you maximum flexibility with anytime and anywhere access to work related information. This is essential for geographically diverse working groups and for mobile and dynamic operations, especially over widely divergent time zones. Insight's time management access points provide quick and simple access to work related information, and can provide differing information views depending on one's information needs and role. These information views provide fast access and simple to use actions.
Time Accounting
Insight is a much more robust and simple staff time accounting solution. It's flexibility enables you to define the levels of detail that you want in your staff expense accounting and reports. Insight is designed to be used by all skill levels, so that all your staff have simple tool to quickly enter time information. Naturally, the time information will account for all your staff expense categories, such as staff time, vacation, sick leave, sabbatical, and training. An important benefit, as described below, is that Insight gives you the option of identifying specific budgetary sources for staff activities, projects, and processes. Insight's work activity management facilities provide executive and management views of group and individual staff activities and expenses. This gives a manager simple and reliable tools to quickly assess operational activities and budgetary costs.

Expense Budget Sourcing
With Insight, you have the option of identifying any number of expense sources and assigning these to work activities. Thus you can easily create budgetary expense sources at the level that makes sense for your organization, such as:
  • Budgetary line items
  • Departments and sub organizations
  • Projects
  • Funding sources
  • Grants