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What Business Problems do You want to Solve?

Insight Solves the Complexity of Managing Essential Business Operations

Insight solves the management problems that keep you up at night. Ensuring that mission critical actions are accomplished is how your business survives and grows. Security, safety, quality control, inspection, and preventative maintenance are business operations that can not fail. Insight is a suite of business tools that give you the certainty that high priority activities are assigned and accomplished.

Insight, as a business productivity resource, emphasizes simplicity, usability, and speed, while presenting an elegant user experience. It provides safe and secure access to activity and shared business information any time from any where using any web enabled device. Insight provides real business flexibility because using Insight does not require any software to be installed on user devices.

Insight Solves a Range of Business Problems

Insight gives you a better way to:
  1. Coordinate a mobile and dynamic work force in a complex business environment.
  2. Manage and monitor mission critical business activities and operational commitments to ensure you achieve your operational and business plan objectives.
  3. Increase management effectiveness, accountability, and the ability to manage larger numbers of staff per manager.
  4. Reduce work related operational costs while increasing work output productivity and quality.
  5. Increase communication and collaboration between teams and outside resources.
  6. Improve Human Resource activity related information management.
  7. Ensure that security, safety, quality control, inspection, and preventative maintenance activities are accomplished as required.

Core Business Solutions Insight Provides for You.

1. Coordinate a Mobile and Dynamic Work Force
  1. Gain anytime and anywhere access to business and work related information.
  2. Easily coordinate activities, schedules, dependencies, and commitments across geographic regions.
  3. Executive reports with current status snapshots.
  4. Determine the status of critical activities with a single action.
  5. Assign and automatically notify staff about new activities or revisions.
  6. Share work related information content, files, images, video, and audio from a common repository.
  7. Create web-based knowledge material, such as guides, references, help, and specifications.
2. Enhance the Effectiveness of Managers
  1. Alleviates a manager's concerns about accountability and effectiveness.
  2. Establishes a foundation for effective group management, communication, setting priorities, and reporting.
  3. Ensures that mission critical and high priority goals are accomplished.
  4. Fosters improved information interchange and collaboration.
  5. Ensures that activity based actions are within budgetary goals.
  6. Simplifies staff reviews, and provides activity based information for bonuses, promotions, and other actions.
3. Manage and Reduce Risk
  1. Establishes a methodology that improves business process quality and repeatability.
  2. Provides a process to communicate and manage issues, conflicts, and risk.
  3. Keeps you connected and in-the-loop any time from anywhere.
  4. Resources to identify and monitor mission critical goals and high priority activities.
  5. Gives you resources to know who's doing what and why.
  6. Allows you to adjust to changing circumstances, resources, and issues by understanding activity related options and trade-offs.
4. Increase Staff Productivity and Output Quality
  1. Staff knows what their priorities are and when they need to be completed.
  2. Simple way to communicate activity status, issues, and risks.
  3. Have access to the information needed to accomplish a given activity thereby increasing the quality of results.
  4. Provides a repeatable process for common activities which yields higher and consistent quality.
  5. Eliminates the interruptions from status inquiries and email and verbal reporting.
  6. Reduces required meeting time on activities.
  7. Provides a common repository for group information and resources.
5. Foster Communication and Collaboration
  1. Ensures that the right people have the right information at the right time.
  2. Single location for shared knowledge resources.
  3. Removes the barrier inherent in knowledge gatekeepers.
  4. Eliminates redundant and outdated information.
  5. Easily create and share notes and detailed content for web access.
  6. A wiki-like editor to create nicely laid out shared material and web content that can become information libraries, articles, eBooks for plans, specifications, user guides, on-line help resources, reference material, and general web site content pages.
6. Simplify the 4 mandates of a CFO
  1. Maximize Shareholder Value - Reduces operating costs and boosts productivity while reducing the risk of missing mission critical goals and high priority activities.
  2. Risk Management - Resources to actively monitor and respond to risks and conflicts; adjust to changing circumstances, resources, and issues; understand options and the consequence of various choices; manage mission critical goals and high priority activities; improve communication and collaboration on activities and projects.
  3. Financial Reporting and Regulatory Compliance - Provides summary and detailed work activity and cost information; supports Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) internal controls and reporting systems.
  4. Strategic Financial Support - provides activity based cost analysis, forecasting, and planning ensuring that activities and projects are within budget, on time, and accomplish the desired goals, and can demonstrate whether activities and projects meet a desired ROI.
7. Improve Human Resource Activity Related Information Management
  1. Simplifies the management of staff and contractors in geographically diverse locations, especially across several time zones.
  2. Simplifies periodic and annual staff reviews.
  3. Ensures that promotions, raises, and bonuses are tied to accomplishments.
  4. Documents and provides a history of staff work accomplishment and performance results.
  5. Provides a methodology to define specific performance improvement goals and measures accomplishment.
  6. Provides the history and documentation when needed for staff and contractor related legal actions relative to work activities.
  7. Ensures that tasks are well defined and documented.
  8. Facilitates work related communication.
8. Ensure Essential Operations are Accomplished
  1. Quality Control and ISO - Insight enhances your quality processes whether they be informal or formal, such as an ISO-9001 quality process. Develop quality process templates for quality and process controls, such as ISO 9001-level quality processes. Gain a complete picture of quality processes and costs. Insight ensures that your quality processes are scheduled, verified, and documented.
  2. Security, Safety, and Inspections - Insight simplifies security and safety process management and ensures that security and safety activities are scheduled, monitored, documented, and verified. Insight increases your productivity and organizational efficiencies in performing, verifying, reporting, and managing your security, safety, and inspection programs.
  3. Preventative Maintenance - Insight lets you easily manage your mission critical inspections and maintenance activities, gain the benefit of a repository of inspection and maintenance records, report on past, current, and future activities, and, understand the costs associated with maintenance and inspection activities.
  4. Complex Scheduling - Insight simplifies creating and assigning activities to individuals that have complex and dynamic schedules, and sometimes occur at various sites during the course of a day, week, or month, such as: preventative maintenance; security, safety, and inspection activities; quality control monitoring and measurement; and training.