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Insight's Work Activity Management

[image]Insight is a powerful and simple to use workforce activity management resource that will give you an accurate work activity methodology that will deliver more accurate activity based cost information. Insight will enable you to increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy while reducing overall costs and increasing budgetary transparency. Insight is a business productivity product that emphasizes simplicity, usability, and speed. With Insight you will gain the benefit of clearer and more manageable assignments and results monitoring with an increased opportunity for work force collaboration. Insight's flexible work assignments give you the level of details that you need to manage work.

Insight Core Features

A primary benefit of Insight is in its expense management facilities. Insight gives you the tools to help you understand your human resource and material costs for your mission critical work activities. Work Activity Manager's job cost flexibility enables you to identify costs for your organization as a whole, your assets, job sites, processes, work areas within a site, departments, job categories, and individual staff members. Tailorable expense information includes, for example: staff, inventory, ad hoc items, mileage, transportation, travel, and per diem.

Insight gives you the tools you need to project, find, and understand your costs so that you will be better able to manage your resources and budgets. You can manage and monitor work activity and project costs for your organization, your partners, and your suppliers, such as contract staffing and manufacturing companies. Insight 's cost reporting gives you better budgetary accuracy, clarity, and transparency. Insight's Work Activity Management:

  • Simplifies scheduling, assignment, and monitoring of work activities.
  • Controls work related costs and projects future expenses.
  • Communicates shared work related information.
Insight's Work Activity Management features include:
  • Individual and Group Work Management
  • Expense Management and Activity Based Costing
  • Work Flow Manager
  • Scheduler
  • Calendar and Time Management
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Organization, Staff, and Team Management
  • Job Site Manager
  • Work and Cost Reporting
  • Time Card Reporting

Usability Benefits
Insight has been designed for simplicity, usability, and speed.

Insight has been designed to support a diverse population of users, from those that have only a basic understanding of computers, the Internet, and browsers to very experienced professionals. This very broad user base has enabled us to provide a product that is easy to access and use with simple and understandable navigation. Since Insight is web-based, it is available anytime and anywhere and thus not tied to a specific location and computer.

Insight presents complex information in a way that makes it easier to understand and use, and, easier to find. Insight is oriented around data views that maximize the ability to get and manage information quickly. In those situations where more complex information is needed, Insight gives you access to that information from more common and higher demand summary presentations.

Speed: Insight has implemented three techniques to enhance speed, they are:
  1. Quick Actions: Insight has been designed with the goal of minimizing the number of keystrokes required to accomplish some function. There are several examples of this; In quick entry areas where the most common information fields are presented for rapid update. Bulk update in which multiple data records can be updated with one submit action. Predefined work activity and work flow templates with predefined common data that minimizes the need to enter those field data points. Smart Navigation, described below. In custom individualized task lists when the most common tasks for an individual are presented for selection first.
  2. Smart Navigation: Insight's Smart Navigation remembers where you were, and what you had selected, in a feature area so that when you navigate to another feature area, and want to navigate back, you only have to click the general link to that feature area and it returns you to the prior selections.
  3. Smart Data Retrieval Techniques: The time it takes to get the data you request for presentation can be dependent of the amount of data requested and the complexity of that data. Insight's Smart Data Retrieval Techniques minimize to the extent possible the amount of data that is retrieved and the database searches to get that data.


Communication, Collaboration, and Information Interchange

Insight gives you the tools your staff and work groups need to clearly communicate the work assignment requirements, goals, and responsibilities. With WIN, you have a single source of the latest and most accurate work activity information. This is especially useful for geographically diverse work teams, and, including partner and supplier companies.

Insight connects people to information by providing resources for group collaboration and information sharing, for example:
1. Sharing Files, Images, Video, and Audio
2. Sharing Content and Reference Information


Information Rich Resource for Assigning, Scheduling, Monitoring, and Expensing Work Activities

Insight's work assignments can be as simple or as detailed as your work activities need. In addition to the assigned staff, work assignments can be associated with an asset, job site, organization, or work flow.

For recurring tasks, Insight provides the ability to define task schedules based on various criteria and then automatically create all scheduled tasks for a given time frame. E-mail notices can be automatically generated when an individual is assigned a new task or when a task assignment has changed. Individual work assignments, for non-recurring tasks, can be created, assigned to specific individuals and work groups.

Work assignments give you the option of including detailed task information, special instructions, notes, sets of images and diagrams that illustrate a task issue, material used to accomplish the task, equipment required, staff, schedule, time frame, and various cost factors. This gives you the opportunity to create detailed work status reports, dynamic schedules and calendars of events, and expenses.