Work Informed Investors - Managing Mobile Workforce - Santa Clara, CA
Work Informed®, Inc. - Investment Opportunity

[image]Insight, from Work Informed, Inc. solves the complexity of managing a mobile, dynamic, and global work force. Insight is cost effective, user friendly, and increases efficiency and productivity. Insight does 3 things extraordinarily well, Insight:
  • Simplifies the management of a mobile and dynamic work force in a complex, global, and fast changing business environment ensuring that mission critical and high priority activities are accomplished.
  • Alleviates a manager's concerns about accountability and effectiveness with tools to easily manage and monitor activities and projects, manage risk, and control costs.
  • Provides the communication, collaboration, and shared information resources needed to be successful at work.
Investment Goal

Insight is feature complete and market tested. Our investment goal is to acquire investor partners in Work Informed, Inc. that will enable the company to grow the sales and marketing team that will place the company in a position to capture the market trends and expand beyond the San Francisco bay area. The primary investment goal is to expand sales opportunities with an increased market awareness of Insight and the targeting of specific markets.

The overall business objective is to build a substantial and independent company with consistent growth and profitability that will ultimately achieve listing on the NASDAQ or DOW stock exchange. With the substantial body of product capability in place the ability to initiate an IPO should be quicker than normal.

Work Informed, Inc. is privately held and wholly owned by the founder. Work Informed, inc. is based in Santa Cruz, California. All intellectual property was designed and built in California. All staff and supporting teams are based in California.
Contact Ron Franke for further information, and, to schedule a conversation to learn more about the investment value provided by Work Informed, Inc.

Founder and CEO