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How Does Your Organization Succeed with a Remote Workforce? You Work Informed with Insight.

Work In, and Manage, a Remote, Mobile, and Dynamic Workforce More Effectively and Efficiently

Insight does 3 things extraordinarily well, Insight:
  1. Simplifies the management of a mobile and dynamic workforce ensuring that mission critical and high priority activities are accomplished on time at the required level of quality.
  2. Alleviates a manager's concerns about accountability and effectiveness with tools to easily manage and monitor activities and projects, manage risk, control costs, and ensure that budgetary resources are planned and available.
  3. Provides staff members the communication, collaboration, and shared information resources needed to successfully accomplish their work, and, to meet performance and bonus goals.
Insight ensures that tasks and deliverables are accomplished, especially when tasks have one or more of the following characteristics, they:
  • Are mission critical and high priority
  • Are time sensative deliverables
  • Are required input for follow-on tasks
  • Have a level-of-quality requirement
  • Are integral to ISO and quality processes
  • Have complex and varying schedules
  • Are at different job sites
  • Are performed remotely
  • Are for security and safety
  • Are preventative maintenance
  • Are performed on physical assets
  • Have information sharing requirements
  • Require multiple people to complete
  • Need cost-to-complete data for budgeting
  • Are monitored for staff performance, promotion, and bonus purposes
Manage a Mobile and Dynamic Workforce

Gain Control, Manage Risk, Control Costs

Connect People to Information

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